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Utility Model Prosedure


Utility models are examined formally by TPI upon receipt of the application and they become subject to publication when there is no restriction on registration.

  Opposition Terms:

Third parties have right to file opposition against utility model applications during 3 months following the publication.

Applicant has right to submit counter-view against third party’s opposition within 3 months after the opposition term ends. Moreover, applicant can make changes on the description in the light of opposed parts.  

  Use of Patent:

Likewise patents applicant should prove working of a utility model within 3 years of registration decision is published.

Document proving working should be an official one provided by one of those organizations: Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Professional Organizations with Public Institution Status, Certified document of Customs Declaration.

  License Offer:

Applicants who do not use their inventions may offer for license before TPI to publish for intendeds.