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Application Prosedure

Trademarks become subject to protection on the date they are received by Turkish Patent Institute. If the application is incomplete and lack documents, applicant should make up the shortage within 2 months; application is valid when the shortage is completed.

A prior search for similar trademark applications could be made on request on TPI database before filing.


Priority can be claimed if an application has been filed in a country outside of Turkey or the product has been exposed officially. Applicants should provide TPI with application or registration document together with its notarized translation, bank receipt of official payment and priority claim form.

In case priority is claimed on the basis of exposition, applicants should submit a document signifying the country, date of exposition, etc. set by authorities of the country together with its notarized translation.

Application Requirements:

Application Form 

Trademark Sample: 5 of which could either be written letters or a figure, black&white or colored 

Bank receipt of the official application fee

Power of Attorney duly signed by applicant